Review: Love Bunnies

Tired of plastic eggs and marshmallow peeps? Why not reward yourself this Easter with a Love Bunnies instead! Love Bunnies are a fun, adorable new product from Babeland. Shaped like a chubby pink bunny, this inconspicuous item looks more like a child's toy than a vibrator. In reality though, this cuddly, cute little wabbit is actually a bullet vibe in disguise! It would make a great gift, or a charming addition to your Easter decorations.

The Love Bunnies came packaged in a bright, colorful cardboard box. The exterior features grassy hills, snow-capped mountain tops, a bright blue sky, and a cheery rainbow. Multi-colored Love Bunnies prance through the cartoony scenery. It's pretty dern cute, if just a little bit cheesy. Inside you'll find your toy safely secured in a plastic casing. Besides the toy itself (and thoughtfully included batteries), the only other item inside the box is a small cardboard 'Adoption Certificate', complete with blanks to both name your bunny, claim yourself as its owner, and list its new home. I was completely tickled that the manufacturer thought to include this.

The Love Bunnies vibrator has an abstract rabbit-like silhouette. It doesn't have any discerning features (like a nose or eyes), but if you ask me, that's part of the appeal. It's comprised of a large circular body, a smaller circular head, two ears, and a nub for a tail. Everything but the tail is 100% hypo-allergenic silicone. The tail itself is actually a small one-speed bullet, and is made of ABS plastic. The bullet is 2 1/4" long, and slips into the body of the bunny via a comically large hole on its butt. It slips both in and out without fuss, which makes for very convenient clean-up. The silicone body can even be sterilized by removing the bullet and either boiling or bleaching it. The whole toy is about 3" long from head to tail, 2 1/2" tall from base to ears, and 2" wide. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, and is easy to hold and maneuver when in use. The silicone body is velvety to the touch, but still retains a bit of drag to it. It's fairly firm, and reminds me a bit of an eraser, or a pencil topper in that regard. The ears are significantly less stiff, and actually bend quite easily for both comfort and convenience.

The Love Bunnies' bullet runs on three watch batteries. The batteries, to me, are one of the biggest downfalls of this product. They die remarkable fast, and are difficult to remove. If rechargeable watch batteries existed, I probably wouldn't be nearly as disappointed with the Love Bunnies as I currently am. My suggestion: adapt this item to run on AAA's. A small black button on the end of the bullet controls the toy. The bullet is a simple one-speeder, so the only real functions it features are 'on' and 'off'. The vibrations are light and buzzy, and not particularly strong. I wasn't really surprised, but I wasn't disappointed either. The strength and depth left me somewhere between teased senseless and tickled silly. It sounds like a strange combination, but I actually enjoyed it. The vibrations can be felt along the entire surface of the toy, but they are by far strongest in the head and ears. The smooth expanse of the rabbit's face makes a wonderful pleasure point when using this toy, but the ears are also incredibly pleasing. The ears were practically made to snuggle up on either side of your clitoris, and they transmit the vibrations wonderfully without diffusing their already less-than-breathtaking strength. In all honesty, this isn't a toy I turn to often, and it certainly isn't inept at bringing me to orgasm. That said, it's adorable, discreet, and fabulous for teasing yourself or a partner.  It's not really going to rock your world if you're sex-toy-savvy. It would, however, make an excellent toy for a beginner, or a gag gift for a lover or friend.

Use soap and warm water to clean. Water-based lubes only. Treat it right, and it'll return the favor.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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Review: Décor Stashe Pillow

I always find myself enamored whenever I discover an adult product which is discreet, stylish, and functional. So imagine my delight when I was given the chance to review the Décor Stashe Pillow from Liberator! The Décor Stashe Pillow is part of Liberator's new Home Collection, which is a series of items designed to look mundane, but have some much more interesting uses. The Décor Stashe, for example, appears to be nothing more than a stunning throw pillow. However, the Stashe has a secret; it's actually a crafty storage device, capable of hiding away even your most obtrusive of playthings from prying eyes!

The Décor Stashe Pillow is 12" long, 12" wide, and 4.5" thick. It's about the size of a standard throw pillow, and when tossed on a bed, just looks like a lovely accent piece. It comes in 6 gorgeous color combinations: Black, Buckwheat, Gray, Espresso, Merlot, and Aubergine. I chose the Espresso, which is a rich, chocolatey brown over a dark purple backdrop. The exterior material is comprised of soft, plush velvish and sensual satin. Two decorative velvish flaps fold over the satin backdrop and tie together with a stylish ribbon. Concealed beneath one of these flaps of fabric is our secret compartment. A cleverly hidden zipper running along the pillow's edge opens the storage space, allowing you to stash whatever goodies you have to hide! The compartment is lined with a black, water-resistant nylon. The nylon interior will protect the rest of the pillow from spills, should you choose to store lubricants, oils, or other liquids inside. A generous amount of polyurethane foam provides excellent padding on either side of the compartment. The padding not only makes this pillow incredibly comfy, but also helps prevent damage to your toys. It will not, however, protect the toys from banging into each other. So if you decide to store multiple glass/ceramic toys in your Décor Stashe, you may wish to first slip them into individual pouches to keep them from clanking together.

I absolutely adore the Décor Stashe Pillow's design. Its simple elegance gives it the versatility to blend right in, whether used on a standard cotton bedspread, or $300 silk sheets. It's sensual and gorgeous, without being incriminating or drawing unwanted attention. When I first laid eyes on it, even I thought it was just an average decorative pillow. And really, unless someone tells you otherwise, that's all you're going to see. I will say, however, that sometimes you can catch a glimpse of the zipper at the far corners of the pillow. This is hardly something you'd notice from across the room though, or even up close, unless you were thoroughly inspecting it.

Aside from its style, versatility, and discreetness, I was also incredibly surprised at just how much this bad boy can store! It doesn't look very large at first glance, and even when unzipped, it seems like the padding would take up too much room to leave much space for storage. Astoundingly (gleefully) I was wrong. You would not believe the massive amount of items I could fit into the Décor Stashe Pillow! Five clitoral vibes, three rabbits, a cock ring, a HUGE wooden dildo, four glass wands, three ceramic massage stones, a blindfold, a set of restraints, and a bottle of lube; just a small army of toys and sexessories, to be exact. The possibilities with this baby are endless! Fill it to the brim with playthings, or use it to keep just one or two favorites handy. Seeing as we're never at a loss for storage space, I've currently been using the Décor Stashe Pillow to keep a few otherwise forgotten items close at hand. Specifically the massage stones, massage lotion, and a few of my favorite glass pieces that normally get buried in the trunk of toys. The cushy, soft foam makes the Décor Stashe comfortable to lie on, even while hiding your secret hoard inside. It's sure to fool almost anyone, whether it's roommates, in-laws, children, or nosy house guests. Just don't let anyone pick it up; the weight will more than likely give it away.

The only problem I've had with the Décor Stashe Pillow is the interior lining. It tends to get caught quite frequently in the zipper, no matter how careful I am. I'm just nervous that one day it's going to rip. Excluding that one little issue, I'd have to say that the Décor Stashe Pillow is practically perfect. Thanks so much to my friends over at Liberator for sending me this one for review!

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Liberator in exchange for an unbiased review.  

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Meet us at Eden Cafe!

Looking for a fun, friendly, informative place to find articles on sex, love, and everything in between? Meet us at Eden Cafe! Eden Cafe is a by the people, for the people blog, run by the lovely folks at Eden Fantasys. It's a cornucopia of advice, personal stories, opinion pieces, and facts, all written by real people, and compiled in one place for your convenience. New articles are posted daily, and I never find myself bored with the strange, awesome, out there, and totally relate-able topics. You might be surprised how much you have in common with someone seemingly so very different from yourself. What's wonderful about Eden Cafe is it gives each person the opportunity to tell their stories; tales that you might never otherwise get an opportunity to hear. I love being able to do something as simple as read an article, and in that short space of time, gain so much insight into someone else's way of life. Sure, there are times when I don't always agree with an author's opinion or perspective, but then there are the articles that open my mind, expand the horizon of possibilities, and make me question my beliefs and understanding of the world. Even if you're just curious about a certain topic, Eden Cafe's got you covered. Trying to find resources on BDSM or fetishes? Eden Cafe has a section for that. What about health, body image, sexuality, porn, gender, and LGBQT? Don't worry, there are sections for those too. Eden Cafe posts articles on a variety of topics, ranging from family, friendship, dating, and marriage, to adventures in g-spotting and sex & parenting. There's a little something for everyone, whether you're looking for a good read, or wanting to share your own expertise/experience on a subject. Eden Cafe even hosts weekly giveaways with the chance to win some truly fabulous prizes courtesy of Eden Fantasys! Free sex toys, fun articles, and informative resources? What's not to love! So pull up a seat, cozy up with your laptop, and prepare for a good time. While you're visiting, why not submit an article of your own? The submission process is easy, and you might even snag a gift card for your trouble! 

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Review: Scooby Doo a XXX parody

The gang is back and they've got another mystery to solve: Where the heck is Scooby Doo?! The film begins after a hard night of partying. Shaggy comes to with a wicked hangover, only to discover that his bestest bud Scoob is missing! The rest of the gang rallies together to help find their lost pal. Putting their bang-up detective skills to work, this crack team of sleuths track down their four legged friend, and catch a criminal in the process. Horny hi-jinks ensue!

 Read the full review on Eden Fantasys by clicking here.

product picture
DVD by New Sensations
Stars: Michael Vegas, Chad Alva, Bree Olson, Bobbi Starr
Director: Eddie Powell
This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Eden Fantasys in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Blogoversary & A Birthday WINNERS!!

I apologize for taking so long today to post the winners of the Blogoversary & A Birthday Giveaway. As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday, and I went a little wild with the celebrating. I had a late start today, followed by plans with my family, so I just didn't get to this as quickly as I'd hoped! Anyways, let me just say wow; there were a surprising amount of entries for this giveaway despite it only being a week-long event! I'm pretty impressed you guys. Alright, so down to business. Who won what?

The Small Red Crystal Delights Plug goes to... Beanfiddler!
The $25 Eden Fantasys Gift Card goes to... Cassondra!
The Babeland Body Massage Candle goes to... Deadpoet!
Annnd.. the Ten 30 Minute Cards to goes to Angel!

Congratulations to our winners! Please use the 'Contact' form to claim your prize, and be sure to include the address where you would like your prize shipped. You have 48 hours to claim your prize, at which point if  you do not, another winner will be selected. Thank you to everyone who participated! Be sure to keep an eye out for another BIG giveaway coming soon from Tales from the ToiBox!

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Review: OhMiBod Club Vibe

Today we'll be taking a look at the Club Vibe by OhMiBod. OhMiBod is a product line developed by the brilliant bombshell Suki Dunham. The Club Vibe, like every other product in their line, is what is known as a music-driven vibrator. This tiny inconspicuous bullet literally encourages you to 'feel the music' by translating your favorite songs into an orchestra of pleasure. Just stick it in your panties and take it for a test drive! The Club Vibe is designed for use in both private and public settings.  It can be used in manual mode as a plain old pattern vibrator, in music mode by attaching it to an mp3 player, or in ambient mode. Probably one of the best ways to use this baby is by switching it to ambient mode and wearing it to a club or concert. Ambient mode will detect sound around you through the speaker holes on the control pack, and relay it to the itty bitty pink bullet in your pants, which will consequently buzz in merriment to the music. The result? Wet panties and a damn good time.

The Club Vibe is compiled of a variety of parts. The first and most important part is the control pack. The control pack is made of ABS plastic, and has a smooth, velvety finish to it. It's black with pink markings, rectangular in shape, and about the size of my palm. It has a clip on the back to easily attach it to your pants/skirt/etc, and is fairly inconspicuous, if a bit larger than I'd like. In total, the control pack is 3" long, 1 1/2" wide, and about an inch thick. Like I said, nothing too ridiculous size-wise. You could easily hide this under a jacket or shirt, as long as you're careful to keep the speaker holes free of obstruction. The second piece of the puzzle is the vibe itself; a cute pink bullet roughly 1 3/4" long, with a 30" transparent cord attached to its butt. The bullet is made of that same velvety finish ABS plastic, and is hypo-allergenic, non-porous, and both phthalates and latex free. Yay for body-safe sex toys! The third item you will receive is a 55" long black cord which connects the control pack to your mp3 player, and your mp3 player to your headphones. This item is only required when using the Club Vibe in music mode. If you plan on using it for its ambient or manual settings only, you'll have little use for this cord. The last little goody that comes with your Club Vibe is a cute black thong, thoughtfully folded up in a small drawstring OhMiBod storage pouch. The thong is made mainly of cotton, with lacy accents. It has quite a bit of stretch and will fit a range of sizes. However, it should be noted that it's marketed as a 'one size fits most', not one size fits all, item. Trust me when I say it really isn't a huge loss if the panties don't fit. I, personally, found the panties to be more of a hindrance than a help in my quest for orgasms.

Let's talk about function here for a minute. The Club Vibe has three modes of play: manual mode, music mode, and ambient mode. You can change modes using a textured switch on the side of the control pack. When in manual mode, there are 7 preset functions to choose from. The first three settings are steady vibrations in low, medium, and high. Or, in the case of the Club Vibe, more like medium, high,  and OMG higher! The last four settings are a mixture of pulsing/escalating patterns, some of which are quite rhythmic all on their own. The vibrations can be felt along the entire length of the bullet, and are pretty incredibly strong. It should be noted that the vibes are rather buzzy, however. If you're not a fan of buzzy vibes, this should still be pretty amazing for you, but then again, it may not. The vibrations honestly made me itch a bit at first. Anyways, back to the modes! When in music mode, the bullet will vibrate to the sound of whatever song your mp3 player happens to be playing. You can control the intensity of the vibrations by either turning up the music, or adjusting the dial on the bottom of the control pack. Nothing against the presets, but music mode is so much more fun and unpredictable! Ambient mode is the last of the three. Much like music mode, the bullet will vibrate to the sound of music. However, it picks up the beat of music around you, rather than through an mp3 device. All three modes have a little something special to offer, and help to insure you pretty much never get bored with this toy!

So, how do we use this bad boy? I'll break it down for you in five relatively simple steps. Step One: Insert the batteries. The Club Vibe runs on two AAA batteries (included) which are inserted  in the back of the control pack underneath the belt clip. Slide the battery cover off (you may need to battle with it for a few minutes), insert batteries, and return cover to its rightful place. Step Two: Connect the controller to the bullet. Merely plug the cord attached to the bullet into the top of the control pack, and phase two is complete. Step Three: Don the combination cotton/lace thong, slip the bullet into the pouch in the panties, adjust as necessary. If you're having difficulty getting the bullet to stay in place well, or aren't receiving sufficient stimulation while it's tucked inside the panties, experiment until you find something that works for you. Nestling the bullet between my lips seemed to be the most efficient and fulfilling for me. It stayed in place MUCH better, and I could actually feel the power this vibe has to offer. This bullet packs some intense vibrations, and you don't want to miss out on them just because the bullet pouch in your underwear is too high or low for your anatomy. Don't be afraid to go against the grain and try something different! Step Four: Connect the controller to your mp3 player. Here's where that huge black cord comes into play. Pay attention, this is where it gets confusing. You're going to plug one end of this cord into the control pack, the other end into your mp3 player's headphone jack, and then plug your headphones into the extra headphone jack dangling off the cord. Note: If you're using the Club Vibe's ambient or manual mode, feel free to ignore step four and skip straight ahead to step five. Which brings us to our final destination; Step Five: Activate device. Enjoy music of choice.

Once you've wound down from your pleasure high, be sure to properly care for your Club Vibe by dissembling it, and cleaning up with your method of choice. I prefer good old antibacterial soap and warm water, but toy wipes, toy cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol are all viable options as well.  Wash and dry the panties like you would your delicates (don't worry, they stand up fairly well to the big bad machines). When all is said and done, return each and every piece to its rightful place in the original packaging. Or, you can just do what I do and cram it all in the storage pouch. I know it seems small, but that thing can stretch! Give it a try, you'll be amazed!

Alright, here's where I'm going to nitpick. There were a few things I disliked about this product; not many, but a few. First of all, I wasn't very impressed with the ambient mode. You really have to be in a loud club or concert-like setting for ambient mode to work well. If the music isn't loud enough, you have to be very, very, close to the source of the noise for the Club Vibe to detect much. Nitpick #2: The panties. The panties didn't work well for me at all. The pouch that's meant to hold the bullet was never in the right position to stimulate my clitoris, and the vibrations I did feel were way diffused because of the fabric.  My biggest problem with this toy, however, were the miles and miles of cord. I honestly felt like I had a fucking wire down my pants; like the FBI was investigating my genitals for 'suspicious activity' or something. The wires aren't that big of a deal in ambient or manual mode. However, music mode is my setting of choice, which means whipping out the huge black cord and connecting the bullet to the control pack to my mp3 player to my headphones every damn time I want to use this! It then becomes somewhat of a big corded mess. I would not suggest doing much moving around while in this state, for fear of entanglement. My only question is, why the hell isn't this wireless? The majority of the OhMiBod line has gotten with the program and gone cordless, why not the Club Vibe? [/end nitpick]

Alright, so spoiled grumbling aside, let me just say that I really enjoyed the OhMiBod Club Vibe. It's a great sample of this extraordinary, innovative, truly original product line. There is literally nothing else like this on the market right now, and if you don't give at least one of OhMiBod's products a try, you are seriously missing out my friend! You can find the OhMiBod Club Vibe and other OhMiBod products at Kama Sutra Closet! A big thanks to the folks over there for sponsoring this review. Thank you again!

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Kama Sutra Closet in exchange for an unbiased review.  

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