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Looking for a fun, friendly, informative place to find articles on sex, love, and everything in between? Meet us at Eden Cafe! Eden Cafe is a by the people, for the people blog, run by the lovely folks at Eden Fantasys. It's a cornucopia of advice, personal stories, opinion pieces, and facts, all written by real people, and compiled in one place for your convenience. New articles are posted daily, and I never find myself bored with the strange, awesome, out there, and totally relate-able topics. You might be surprised how much you have in common with someone seemingly so very different from yourself. What's wonderful about Eden Cafe is it gives each person the opportunity to tell their stories; tales that you might never otherwise get an opportunity to hear. I love being able to do something as simple as read an article, and in that short space of time, gain so much insight into someone else's way of life. Sure, there are times when I don't always agree with an author's opinion or perspective, but then there are the articles that open my mind, expand the horizon of possibilities, and make me question my beliefs and understanding of the world. Even if you're just curious about a certain topic, Eden Cafe's got you covered. Trying to find resources on BDSM or fetishes? Eden Cafe has a section for that. What about health, body image, sexuality, porn, gender, and LGBQT? Don't worry, there are sections for those too. Eden Cafe posts articles on a variety of topics, ranging from family, friendship, dating, and marriage, to adventures in g-spotting and sex & parenting. There's a little something for everyone, whether you're looking for a good read, or wanting to share your own expertise/experience on a subject. Eden Cafe even hosts weekly giveaways with the chance to win some truly fabulous prizes courtesy of Eden Fantasys! Free sex toys, fun articles, and informative resources? What's not to love! So pull up a seat, cozy up with your laptop, and prepare for a good time. While you're visiting, why not submit an article of your own? The submission process is easy, and you might even snag a gift card for your trouble! 

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