Review: Love Bunnies

Tired of plastic eggs and marshmallow peeps? Why not reward yourself this Easter with a Love Bunnies instead! Love Bunnies are a fun, adorable new product from Babeland. Shaped like a chubby pink bunny, this inconspicuous item looks more like a child's toy than a vibrator. In reality though, this cuddly, cute little wabbit is actually a bullet vibe in disguise! It would make a great gift, or a charming addition to your Easter decorations.

The Love Bunnies came packaged in a bright, colorful cardboard box. The exterior features grassy hills, snow-capped mountain tops, a bright blue sky, and a cheery rainbow. Multi-colored Love Bunnies prance through the cartoony scenery. It's pretty dern cute, if just a little bit cheesy. Inside you'll find your toy safely secured in a plastic casing. Besides the toy itself (and thoughtfully included batteries), the only other item inside the box is a small cardboard 'Adoption Certificate', complete with blanks to both name your bunny, claim yourself as its owner, and list its new home. I was completely tickled that the manufacturer thought to include this.

The Love Bunnies vibrator has an abstract rabbit-like silhouette. It doesn't have any discerning features (like a nose or eyes), but if you ask me, that's part of the appeal. It's comprised of a large circular body, a smaller circular head, two ears, and a nub for a tail. Everything but the tail is 100% hypo-allergenic silicone. The tail itself is actually a small one-speed bullet, and is made of ABS plastic. The bullet is 2 1/4" long, and slips into the body of the bunny via a comically large hole on its butt. It slips both in and out without fuss, which makes for very convenient clean-up. The silicone body can even be sterilized by removing the bullet and either boiling or bleaching it. The whole toy is about 3" long from head to tail, 2 1/2" tall from base to ears, and 2" wide. It fits comfortably in the palm of my hand, and is easy to hold and maneuver when in use. The silicone body is velvety to the touch, but still retains a bit of drag to it. It's fairly firm, and reminds me a bit of an eraser, or a pencil topper in that regard. The ears are significantly less stiff, and actually bend quite easily for both comfort and convenience.

The Love Bunnies' bullet runs on three watch batteries. The batteries, to me, are one of the biggest downfalls of this product. They die remarkable fast, and are difficult to remove. If rechargeable watch batteries existed, I probably wouldn't be nearly as disappointed with the Love Bunnies as I currently am. My suggestion: adapt this item to run on AAA's. A small black button on the end of the bullet controls the toy. The bullet is a simple one-speeder, so the only real functions it features are 'on' and 'off'. The vibrations are light and buzzy, and not particularly strong. I wasn't really surprised, but I wasn't disappointed either. The strength and depth left me somewhere between teased senseless and tickled silly. It sounds like a strange combination, but I actually enjoyed it. The vibrations can be felt along the entire surface of the toy, but they are by far strongest in the head and ears. The smooth expanse of the rabbit's face makes a wonderful pleasure point when using this toy, but the ears are also incredibly pleasing. The ears were practically made to snuggle up on either side of your clitoris, and they transmit the vibrations wonderfully without diffusing their already less-than-breathtaking strength. In all honesty, this isn't a toy I turn to often, and it certainly isn't inept at bringing me to orgasm. That said, it's adorable, discreet, and fabulous for teasing yourself or a partner.  It's not really going to rock your world if you're sex-toy-savvy. It would, however, make an excellent toy for a beginner, or a gag gift for a lover or friend.

Use soap and warm water to clean. Water-based lubes only. Treat it right, and it'll return the favor.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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Venus said...

This is adorbs!

Jessica said...

lol the bullet goes in the bunny butt. See how mature I am.

konarany19 said...

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