Blogoversary & A Birthday WINNERS!!

I apologize for taking so long today to post the winners of the Blogoversary & A Birthday Giveaway. As some of you know, yesterday was my birthday, and I went a little wild with the celebrating. I had a late start today, followed by plans with my family, so I just didn't get to this as quickly as I'd hoped! Anyways, let me just say wow; there were a surprising amount of entries for this giveaway despite it only being a week-long event! I'm pretty impressed you guys. Alright, so down to business. Who won what?

The Small Red Crystal Delights Plug goes to... Beanfiddler!
The $25 Eden Fantasys Gift Card goes to... Cassondra!
The Babeland Body Massage Candle goes to... Deadpoet!
Annnd.. the Ten 30 Minute Cards to goes to Angel!

Congratulations to our winners! Please use the 'Contact' form to claim your prize, and be sure to include the address where you would like your prize shipped. You have 48 hours to claim your prize, at which point if  you do not, another winner will be selected. Thank you to everyone who participated! Be sure to keep an eye out for another BIG giveaway coming soon from Tales from the ToiBox!

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SondraMama said...

ps. i didnt put my address because, well, i "assume" the gift code will be emailed?

muloove at yahoo dot com

Splendwhore said...

Yes, you're correct. I forwarded your email and name over to my contact at Eden as soon as I received your email. :)

simarany66 said...

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