Your Blog Is HOT Award

Seaofneptune, being the sweetheart that she is, has given me my first blog award! Isn't it just so sultry looking? I'm ecstatic to have received one! Besides being flattered, I'm also excited as hell, because now I get the chance to spread the sexy blog love!

According to the rules, I may now pick 5 others (who I assume have not been nominated previously) to get the award. Then they may make a post with the graphic, post the graphic on their blog, then nominate 5 other sexy blogs and comment with a link to let them know!

I will be offering the award to:
  1. Sir
  2. TacoODoom
  3. VanillaKinks
  4. JohnsBabydoll
  5. LkeSunshineDust
Please right click & save the graphic to your computer. 
Thanks, & congratulations all you HOT bloggers!!

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