Howl (or Scream) at the Moon

I don't know what it is about a full moon, but it always manages to bring out my wilder side. I get horny, and mood-swingy, and perhaps just a little growly. No, this is not some sci-fi episode of Confessions of a Teenage Werewolf. This is just me, admitting that maybe I haven't evolved as far from my primal urges as most of society would like to believe. There's still a bit of beast in me. And whether I am consciously aware of it or not, there's a part of me that is instinctually alert to the changes & shifts in the world around us.

Last night was a full moon. It was also a lunar eclipse. The nights leading up to which have been filled with feral acts and behaviors. What this boils down to, in the most simplified of terms, is equal amounts fighting, fucking, and insanity. I never realize until the dust settles, either. Until the pot's already called the kettle black, and a litany of other insulting words, screamed it's head off about something or another, and been removed from the burner. During that cooling off period, one of us happens to step outside, to open a window, to glance up at the sky, and it becomes apparent. This isn't just everyday bitching, this is a full moon smack-down! As ridiculous as it sounds, we have our most heated, illogical arguments under the light of the full, or nearly full, moon. Maybe it's all psychological? Maybe it's just coincidence? But I prefer to believe that it somehow ties in on a grander scale. There's an energy around that time of the month; something raw, and powerful, that doesn't do wonders for our humanity, as it were. I don't quite understand it, but I respect it. I know enough to realize "I may be legitimately angry about these minuscule topics, but something else is at play here." I try not to take the blows we dole out to each other too roughly, and forgive and forget as quickly as the madness takes its leave.

It bugs me though.. Something about that gleaming bright moon, in all its glory, manages to rob me of my control! It takes hold of my senses and ability to reason and starts jangling them about until I don't know which way is up. It can make me rabid as a hyena, or happy as a damn clam. It's all about how I take that energy into myself, and channel it. Sex, anger, and mild violence all seem to be my expression of choice. My hope is that, as time progresses, so may I. That I can learn patience, understanding, restraint. Perhaps with meditation, and multiple, non-aggressive orgasms, I'll find the peace that I seek. For now, I suppose I'll just sit back & enjoy all that angry sex! *Wink, wink*

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