Diary of a Mad Menstruating Woman, pt. 2

Looking back on my previous post about menstruation, I realized that I was coming from the crazed side of the spectrum. Right now, as I am once again afflicted by that lovely gift I was given the day my chromosomes both read 'x', I find myself in a completely different state of mind. Sure, having your period can make you bitchy, and cranky, and generally hormonal.. but sometimes it does the opposite. Sometimes I find myself utterly exhausted, in both the physical and emotional sense of the word. Today was one of those days. Fairly average period so far: cravings, cramps, random outbursts. Check, check, & check. But suddenly, today I woke up to find I didn't have the energy for any of that bullshit. I've been stuck in this sedated state all day long. I barely want to speak or move, and have little control over the thoughts parading about my head. And trust me, some weird and disturbing things have ravaged through my mind, leaving destruction in their wake. I found myself a bit nostalgic, and delirious. I continuously kept filling myself up with doubts and uncertainties, to the point I either had to float or sink in a sea of restless thoughts. I've been completely overwhelmed by the mundane and the ridiculous, and I just needed to talk about it without really talking about it, if you know what I mean. So consider this my release. My chance to vent and feel better about myself, while simultaneously confusing the crap out of you. And I do, by the way. I feel better already, despite the fact that this exhaustion has failed to leave me. Anyways, I think I'll shut up now. Thanks for listening to my inane rambling.

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