Review: Lelo Tor

Lelo: the name associated with luxury. Lelo equates to pleasure; to powerful, high quality, gorgeously designed toys. In this matter, the Tor is no exception. Appropriately named after Thor, the Norse god of thunder, this powerful rechargeable cock ring delivers heavenly sensations for both its wearer, and their chosen partner.

The Tor is, quite frankly, magnificent. Made of TPE & Plastic, it is hypo-allergenic, and free of both phthalates & latex. It has no taste or smell, and is constructed of high quality, food-grade materials. The toy itself consists of two pieces. The first piece is the actual cock ring portion of the toy. It is made mostly of TPE, with a solid plastic inlay seamlessly fitted into the top. The TPE is smooth, with some drag to it. Once it's snapped into place, the drag isn't something you particularly notice though. It does, however, aide in keeping the Tor positioned right where you put it. The cock ring is 1" in diameter when relaxed, and can be stretched up to a maximum of 3" in diameter. The incredible elasticity of the TPE makes this toy truly customizable, regardless of what size pecker you're packing. The second piece of this toy is a plastic bullet which slides into that aforementioned inlay in the cock ring. The bullet portion is very sturdy and smooth, with no give whatsoever. It has the Lelo name engraved into the top, and a button on either side to control the functions of the toy. When fully assembled, the Tor is 2 1/4" long, 1 3/4" wide, & 3/4" thick. It's small, but substantial.

The Tor is the most incredibly versatile cock ring you'll ever come upon. Not only is the band adjustable to fit a variety of sizes, its power is also adjustable to fit individual preferences and sensitivities. The Tor has a multitude of settings for its wearer to enjoy. To turn on the Tor, press the (+) button on one side of the bullet. This will activate the first, and lowest, steady vibration the toy features. To increase the power, continue pressing the (+) button until you reach a comfortable level. You may also hold this button down until the desired power is reached. To decrease the power, merely press the (-) button on the opposite side of the bullet. In all, the Tor has 15 different levels of steady vibration!! I wasn't kidding when I said this was a versatile, highly customizable toy. If you're looking for something a bit more interesting than steady vibes though, wait until you try the patterns! The Tor features 5 different patterns. These patterns can be accessed by holding down the (+) button & then releasing while on the highest steady setting. The patterns are as follows: pulsating, faster pulsating, increasing steady vibration which reaches a climax and stops, escalating, & rhythmic escalating. They're all unique and provide intense, varied stimulation. To return to steady vibrations while on a pattern, merely press the (-) button once. I really loved that the Tor has so many different sensations to offer. With too many toys it's either turn it on & buzz yourself to death, or die waiting for the vibrations to do anything more than tickle. Thankfully, with the Tor, you can choose that perfect level of vibration, or that particular setting, without having to go searching through the toy chest for a different toy each time. I was very impressed with the power of this toy! My partner, as many of you know, is Transgendered. We originally lusted after this toy hoping that it might add a little extra 'ooph' to our love-making. And boy did it ever! The Tor is actually so powerful that my partner can feel the vibrations through a prosthetic, and a harness!  His orgasms seem more intense and prolonged. I, as a woman, also really appreciated the extra sensation the Tor gave me. The bullet is positioned near perfectly for clitoral stimulation! Every time my sweetie would thrust, I'd get a firm, buzzing bullet rubbed up against my clit. I'd be left gasping, moaning, at his mercy. One of his favorite things to do was just watch my reactions every time he'd nudge that cock ring a little bit closer to my throbbing clit. It definitely makes for a more intimate, orgasmic experience. The one and only downside I found to using the Tor, was that it could sometimes become a bit uncomfortable for me if we got into frenzied thrusting. With slow, even, calculated strokes, it was magnificent. But an increase in speed left my clit a little banged and abused. This was my own personal dilemma that you may or may not experience for yourself, and which could be remedied by turning the cock ring upside down so that the bullet faces away from your clitoris.

The Tor came beautifully packaged in a small black box detailing the product. Included was a 1 year warranty, 10 year guarantee, instruction & care manual, plastic storing/charging case, & charger. To charge your Tor, merely disassemble the cock ring and place it lovingly in its sturdy case (making sure the charging port on the side of the bullet is facing the small opening on the side of the case). Plug the charger into the port of your toy and let charge for 2 hours to receive an equal 2 hours of play. Hooray! No more silly watch batteries to fiddle with. No more worries about your beloved cock ring dying at an inopportune moment! Consider this icing on an already very rich, delicious cake.

Unfortunately, the Tor cannot be sterilized as a portion of it is made from TPE.  For this reason, I suggest sharing with only fluid-bonded partners. To clean your beloved toy, merely wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. Ensure that the toy is completely dry before attempting to store and/or charge it. Store in a safe, dry place, away from the light. Cherish it like the precious implement of pleasure it truly is.

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This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free in exchange for an unbiased review.

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Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

What if I want to play for more than 2 hours? I might just need two! Love the review :)

Splendwhore said...

Haha, you just might then! Or perhaps you'll have to take a brief interlude in between. Lol. Thanks for reading. =)

CLP said...

Thank you so much for this great review. I have been planning on buying a Lelo cock ring, and my decision was split between the Bo and the Tor. After a long pros and cons list with a local retailer, she tipped the scales by saying the Tor has variation settings. As awesome as that sounds, though, I myself hardly use the variation patterns on my toys and wondered if it would be worth the wait. I've been waiting to see other opinions for either ring (I believe the Tor is Bo's replacement?). Your review makes me feel confident that this would be a good investment and even better gift. :) Thanks!

My Buzz on Vibes said...

I love Lelo! This looks like another quality product from them. Great review!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'll have to send people to this review when they ask me about cockrings! Excellent!

Splendwhore said...

Thanks for reading everyone! Glad I could be of help. ^_~

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