Grand Opening: Trans Central Station

Guess what? Eden Fantasys is hosting personal stores! What's a personal store? It is essentially an affiliate run section of the site where a specific user has the ability to list certain products they feel appropriate to sell to their target audience. Not just anyone can open a personal store, however. You have to pitch a unique idea to the big wigs on the forums, saying "Hey, there's a need for this or that, let me put my spin on it", and then get your idea approved. I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to open one of my own. It's geared towards Transgendered people and their partners. Being in a committed relationship with a pre-testosterone, pre-surgery FTM Trans man, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to find sexual fulfillment in a way that feels the most natural to us. It's a daily struggle not only with the ways in which we have sex, but also the way our gender is perceived and acted upon. I started this store as a guide for all of us out there who are just trying to discover ourselves. May this help you, and your lovers, find pleasure and happiness. So here's my store!! Feel free to browse through my current merchandise, suggest new products on my forums, and (of course) buy stuff! :D

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