My Little Black Dress

So today I bought my first real piece of lingerie!!! Dragged Sam over to a local sex store, and probably spent about an hour trying on different ensembles before finally deciding upon the first thing I picked out. It was a little black satin chemise. All silky soft, sexy and smooth. It fit, it made me feel good about myself, and most importantly, it wasn't a clown suit. Don't get me wrong, that was probably the sexiest clown suit I've ever worn (not that I've worn many), but I was feeling more comedic rather than 'come hither'. But wait! Today wasn't just about shopping. No, this was an educational outing as well. For instance, I learned that shelf bra's are really for women with bigger boobs. I learned that while fishnet panties seem like a good idea in theory, they don't play out so well in practice. I figured out those confusing bustier sizes actually go by bra size. I had an awkward moment between myself and the sales clerk when she offered to help me try on a corset (apparently they have to tie you into those things, like a straight jacket). I touched an opened, vibrating toy that the clerk had behind her counter and had a brief moment where I wondered if it had been used.. And best of all, I got to see the Ina close up in all three colors, and found I really love it in the green, which is not so hideous in person as it is online. All in all, a very good day.

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deadpoet said...

You look really cute sweetie

Splendwhore said...

Thanks hon!

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