Petition to Save the Life of Kiana Firouz

Outspoken Iranian LGBT rights activist, filmmaker, and actress Kiana Firouz's life is threatened! Starring in the newly released UK film Col de Sac, a documentary based on the conditions of lesbians in Iran (and largely Firouz's own life experience), has put her in danger. Since the trailer was posted on YouTube in December 2009, Cul de Sac has attracted global media attention, with thousands of views. It's likely that it hasn't gone unnoticed by the media and government in Iran either. "Homosexuality in Iran, treated according to the Islamic law, is a sin in the eyes of God and a crime for society. In Islam generally homosexuality is among the worst possible sins you can imagine."

In Iran, lesbianism is punishable by 100 lashes. This punishment may be committed up to three times. After a fourth violation of Iranian law, a woman found guilty of “unrepentant homosexuality” will be publicly executed by hanging. Firouz, fearing for her life, sought asylum from the British government. Her application was rejected. They are fully aware of her sexual orientation, the fact that she may, at any moment, be deported, and that should that happen, it will ultimately lead to her torture and death.  No one should be punished, tortured, let alone killed, for who they chose to love (or make love to). Help save this brave woman's life. Sign the petition to stop deporting Kiana Firouz!

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