Fun with Food: Salmon-burger Smiley Face!

Today for lunch we had Salmon burgers. We cooked them in a skillet in olive oil, sprinkled with a little lemon juice and pepper for flavor, and then lovingly arranged on 1/2 a bun with a light layer of mayo, avocado, and tomato to top it all off. Onion rings took their rightful place on the side, and an organic raspberry soda was shared between the two of us to quench the inevitable thirst. Now, I don't know about you, but this seemed like entirely too grown-up of a lunch to me. So, in preserving my child-like spirit, we had a little fun with food. Voila! Salmon-burger Smiley face. Hope you enjoy! I know I did.

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Sir said...

Very cute smiley face, and a wonderful lunch!

Gardenvy said...

Too cute, and sounds yummy.. thanks a lot, now I'm hungry! ;o)

Ok, that kind of rhymes.

Splendwhore said...

Haha, that was my intention, didn't y'know? To make you hungry and unintentionally rhyme.

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