Birthday Wishes

So my birthday is coming up pretty shortly. March 14th marks my 21st year on this Earth. Yesterday I was trying to hammer out a wish list for my birthday, seeing as a few family members were prodding me for ideas. I sent them a list including Vegan Cookbooks, PS3 games, a Panini Press, and nail polish. Below you'll find the wilder side of my birthday wish list. I just thought it'd be nice to share it with you all. And hey-- if you happen to want to spoil me, you can always do so anonymously by clicking here! ;D

For more gift ideas, my complete Eden Fantasys Toy Wish List can be found here: Toys Rule, Boys Drool.

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Angel said...

Oh your a younging Lol. With the exception of the blue vibe and the Form 3 ( I want the Form 2 I heard the 3 is not that good ) I want everything on your wish list too. Glad your back, you have a nice blog first time I see it.

Dusk said...

Ooh, is that blue one the TCB? Mine is fantastic :) As far as the Just in Case is concerned, I'd actually suggest instead picking up one of the new Durex Love Boxes. They come in really cute designs, are super durable, and take up less room than the JustinCase. ^^

sex toy clearance said...

Happy birthday. You have a nice website.

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