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Have you heard of Vida? Who am I kidding, everyone's heard of Vida! Vida is the new line of luxury vibrators from TopCo Sales; a gorgeous array of classy, sophisticated pleasure objects for the sensual, sexual woman in all of us. The word Vida literally means 'life'. To quote the Vida Internationale bio page, "Sex is Life. Life is Vida. Vida is the Essence of Pleasure.", "We hope you fall in lust with life; with Vida". The 4 products which currently comprise the Vida line are Zara, Lussuria, Urja, & Vanta. Vanta is the external stimulator of the group. It also happens to be the product which I was so very lucky to receive from TopCo Sales for review!!

Let me start by saying, I'm a clit-stim snob. Don't get me wrong, I love my traditional vibrators and dildos as much as the next girl, but when it comes to clit vibes, I'm a pro. Clitoral stimulation is my niche. The frequency of the vibes, the shape of the product, the depth of the sensation... all of these factors either make or break an external vibrator in my eyes. I'm a tough critic, and I expect nothing less than the best the industry has to offer. As such, I've become incredibly spoiled. I want it all! Quality materials, flawless craftsmanship, attractive design, rechargeable, powerful, waterproof vibes. Remarkably, Vanta delivers all of this and more. Well, almost..

The Vanta consists mainly of black, matte Silicone and Anodized Aluminum. There is also a small band of pink plastic wrapping around the handle, below its on/off button. It is non-porous, and phthalates free. No weird smells or funny tastes (not that you'll be licking it regularly). There is a seam that runs along the front and back portion of the silicone, but it's unnoticeable in use. Other than that, the silicone bit, which is what comes in contact with your body, is completely smooth. It's also very firm, which leads me to believe that it's actually a layer of silicone over plastic.

At 5" long, and 1 1/8" wide on its curved end, the Vanta is rather small. The handle end is slightly larger, and more bulbous than the tip of the toy, and fits very comfortably in the palm of your hand. The slightly scooped tip looks pretty similar to a baby spoon, and it is this shape which allows it to nestle perfectly against your clitoris. The curvature of the toy feels natural and right against your body. Because of its size, this toy is easy to hide, and convenient to store. It would also be a great choice to use during intercourse, as it fits quite easily between two bodies. The only thing I disliked about the design/craftsmanship of the toy itself is that there is visible glue, and even a few gaps, in the seams where aluminum meets silicone. Besides spoiling the appearance of an otherwise flawless toy, it also makes me worry how truly "waterproof" the Vanta is. I've taken it in the shower multiple times without issue, but am a bit timid to submerge it. It is, however, at the very least splash proof, which makes it relatively easy to clean. For day to day care, washing it with antibacterial soap and warm water should do the trick. The silicone can also be sterilized by wiping it down with a 10% bleach solution. I'm not sure if bleach is safe to use on aluminum, however, so best just avoid the handle of the toy while sterilizing. Use in conjunction with water-based lubricant to aid in your playtime activities.

The Vanta is intended as an external vibrator, and can be used on your nipples, clitoris, labia, inner thighs, and any other erogenous zones you may have. It can also be used for shallow penetration, or even g-spotting, if your g-spot is shallow enough (mine totally is).  It's great for partner play, solo play, and for use during intercourse. To activate the Vanta, merely press its button once, and then again to increase the intensity. The Vanta is rechargeable (hallelujah) and has 5 different levels of vibration. These vibrations are located in the tip of the toy. The lowest setting is insanely powerful, and the power doesn't stop there. Honestly, I can only handle the first 2 settings. Sometimes I can use the 3rd, if my body is cooperating. Unfortunately, for all its power, the Vanta just wasn't the miracle toy I had come to expect. The shape is perfect and the vibrations are strong, but they're the wrong kind of vibrations for my body. They're super buzzy, and very surface level as far as stimulation goes. Which is fine, if you happen to like toys like the Hitachi or the Fairy Wands. Sadly, these just aren't the right kind of vibrations to make me orgasm. They're too high of a frequency, and therefore whenever I use the Vanta, I must resort to jacking off with it as if it were an extension of my finger. It's tedious and frustrating, especially considering all the power this baby packs. It's one bad mama jama, I just can't ever enjoy it.That's not to say that it isn't a great vibrator, because it is, or that you won't enjoy it, because you might! It just doesn't work for me.

The Vanta, like every product in the Vida line, comes in elaborate, beautiful packaging. A faux leather tote with the Vida name inscribed on the front unzips around the top to reveal your Vanta encased in soft, plush memory foam. Underneath this foam insert you'll find a product manual, charger, and a microfiber storage pouch, tied shut with a pretty black ribbon. Definitely what I'd call extravagant storage! Mostly, I just keep my Vanta in the pouch provided. The charger & instruction booklet remain in the tote, though I've been having devious thoughts of stripping its innards bare & using it to store a few bullets, small dildos, etc. It would make a great little travel case for makeup or sex toys alike!

To summarize, the Vanta is a really great vibrator. It's what I'd consider "the package deal". If buzzy vibes are your thing, then you're most likely going to be in love with this vibe! But if, like me, they just don't cut it for you.. you might find yourself disappointed.

 Topco Sales Sex Toy Authorized Reviewer

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deadpoet said...

OMG!!! I totally want one of these. BTW I have an award for you

blubird boutique said...


Just bought this and your review pretty much sums up my thoughts exactly... unfortunately. Do you have any suggestions for vibes that work for you?(because I believe I am in the same boat in terms of what works for me) Thanks!

Splendwhore said...

bluebird boutique,

I would recommend the Lelo Siri. It's currently my absolute favorite clitoral vibe!! It's small, strong, quiet, rechargeable, with a great array of patterns. The Siri also has those deeper, rumbly vibrations I prefer. Seriously? You can't go wrong with Lelo. ^_~*

Adult Sex Toys said...


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