Review: Eroscillator Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo

The Eroscillator: an incredible vibrator that strikes awe and respect into the hearts of many. Notorious for bringing wet sheets and broad grins to women (and men) everywhere. With a reputation like that, it's no wonder it has such an intimidating name! I'd heard legends, myths really, about its miraculous power. But never did I imagine that I myself would one day be able to experience it first hand. Somehow though, the stars aligned... Okay, so really, I just asked the manufacturer to test it out. I dared them really. Perhaps even somewhat taunted them with statements about their product living up to its reputation. Yes, I know. Talk about waving a steak around in front of a hungry shark! Well, it worked. They bit! The extremely generous people at Eroscillator agreed to send me one of their products for review!! The Eroscillator Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo, the newest version of the original, featuring a more powerful motor!

The product came in a purple cardboard box which housed the Eroscillator, power cord, attachments, and a small plastic pouch for storing said attachments. I also received a booklet about the product, a slip of paper containing safety and care instructions, and a DVD narrated by Dr. Ruth (which, by the way, is hilarious). The day it arrived in the mail, I tore through the package like a kid at Christmas, quickly disregarding everything but my shiny new toy. I immediately attached one of the heads, plugged the beast in, turned it on, and was met with disappointment. "Really?", I thought. "That's it?" It didn't feel powerful... at least not in my hand. At that point, I sadly feared that the hype surrounding the Eroscillator was just that: hype. Oh how very, very wrong I was.

The Eroscillator is like the Terminator of sex toys. Looking rather like a spartan warrior or some kind of steam punk weapon, it's definitely the most bad ass toy in my toy box. The shaft of the toy itself is a coppery gold plastic, and it's powered by electricity. The plug in can be found on the bottom of the toy, and there's even a little notch on the side of the base so it can sit on a flat surface without tipping over. It comes with a HUGE 12 foot long cord which leaves plenty of room to use your new toy in whatever position you may get yourself into. At 8" long, the Eroscillator is a rather big beastie, and the attachments add another 3" to its already towering height. In case you missed a beat, that means this guy is 11" tall when fully assembled!! Because of this fact, I feared it would be awkward or uncomfortable to wield. Not so! It's actually incredibly light and easy to maneuver. It fits well in your hand, and the lovely ridges featured all along its shaft make for easy gripping, no matter how slippery your fingers are. A plastic strip on the shaft  of the toy slides up and down to  turn it on and change the settings. There are 3 different power levels, all of which are absolutely orgasmic! I like to refer to them as "gentle", "powerful", and "cross your eyes, curl your toes, hold on for dear life". It's fairly quiet for a toy of this caliber, but certainly not "whisper quiet", as advertised. The Eroscillator can actually become reasonably loud depending on which attachment you're using. I believe the noise is due to the attachments rattling around a bit, because as soon as you press this to flesh, it does become virtually silent. Even at it's loudest, this is a fairly inconspicuous toy, as far as sound goes. You'd likely hear it through sheets if someone was laying right next to you, but it's unlikely it could be heard through a closed door, or from far enough away. Considering its power, it's actually one of the quieter toys I own.

The Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo comes with 6  attachments of different shapes and texture. They all have varying levels of firmness as well. Some are a bit softer, and more pliable, while others are very solid. Eroscillator claims that all of them except the Soft Finger are made from TPR; the soft finger is listed as Elastomer, which makes sense, as it's as soft and squishy as a marshmallow. From left to right in the photo provided the attachments are: the Ultra Soft Finger Tip, the Grapes & Cockscomb, the Golden Spoon, the Ball & Cup, the French Legionnair's Moustache, and the Seven Pearls of the Orient. These attachments  are mainly intended for clitoral stimulation (with the exception of the Seven Pearls of the Orient, which was specifically developed for vaginal and anal penetration), but can be used on virtually any bodily surface.  The French Legionnair's Moustache is my favorite attachment as it's perfect for a light fluttery teasing, or direct stimulation, depending on your mood. It makes a great implement for trailing butterfly kisses all over your partner's body, or working them into a lustful frenzy! I also really loved the Ultra Soft Finger Tip because of its gentle touch. It's the head I most often reach for after we've already gone a few rounds and I'm sensitive or sore. My sweetheart is strongly attached to the Ball & Cup, and uses it on me frequently. The Ball & Cup is perfect for not only clitoral stimulation, but also for teasing your nipples because of its specific shape.  I did not particularly enjoy the Grapes & Cockscomb, or the Golden Spoon; both of these were entirely too bumpy and rough for my liking. Strangely enough though, I adored the Seven Pearls of the Orient as a clit stimulator. It's great if you're looking for solid, pinpoint stimulation, as it's the firmest of all the attachments. I'm actually really pleased that the manufacturer created several different heads for this toy. Everyone is unique in what type of sensations they prefer. What's amazing for me may be ho-hum for you, and so forth. Thankfully, having the option to switch out a head that may not be working for you with one that does makes this toy completely customizable, versatile, and superior! Perfect for beginners and advanced users alike! There really is something for everyone.

As I mentioned above, the Eroscillator is mainly intended for clitoral stimulation, but some of the heads also allow for vaginal and anal penetration. It's marketed towards women, but don't get discouraged just yet fellas, you can have some fun with this toy too! Besides just teasing any little sweet spots you have, the Eroscillator can also be used on the ball sac, perineum, and shaft or head of the penis. This is even a great toy for all you Trans guys out there to use! I pressed the Eroscillator to the head of my partner's prosthetic and he said he could feel it all the way through the shaft! The sensations were so powerful that they went, literally, right to his groin. That's an impressive feat! While excellent for solo masturbation, the Eroscillator is also perfect to use for foreplay, and even during intercourse! Introducing the Eroscillator during love making definitely provides heightened arousal and deeper, more intense orgasms. 

If you need a little extra slickness during playtime, the Eroscillator is safe to use with water based lubricants. To clean this bad boy, simply detach the heads and wash with warm water and antibacterial soap. The Eroscillator's shaft is NOT waterproof, but it can be rinsed under running water. NEVER immerse this toy in water while in use or plugged in. Be sure to unplug this toy when not in use, and do not leave it unattended. Store in a clean, dry place out of the light. The cord can be rolled to protect against damage, and the heads stored in their respective plastic storage pouch.

Alright, so by no means is this the most powerful toy I've ever used. But somehow, it's the most efficient at achieving arousal and orgasms. It works, and it works incredibly well! I think what makes the difference is the function of this particular toy. Unlike traditional vibrators, the Eroscillator doesn't vibrate, it "oscillates". If you're like me, the notion of a toy "oscillating" probably doesn't sound very exciting, or even mean much to you. But believe me, it makes an astounding difference! Basically, instead of pounding against your body like traditional vibrators, it moves swiftly side to side, imitating the natural movement of a finger, but at a much faster speed. The Eroscillator Top Deluxe produces 7200 of these steady oscillations every minute! And because it's electric, you never have to worry about it losing power or dying. Yes, you heard me. You'll never have to buy batteries for this toy. Ever. At times, the Eroscillator almost feels a little too powerful. I admit, the first time I used it, I was a bit shell shocked. My experience went something like this: Plugged it in, turned it on, touched it to clit, squirted TWICE within 5 minutes! Yes, I didn't just orgasm, I had female ejaculating orgasms! From a clit stimulator! Do I really need to further emphasize the strength of this toy? Yeah, I didn't think so.

So, here's the question you've been dying to hear me answer: Does the Eroscillator live up to its reputation? Survey says: YES!! Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times yes. I admit, it does have a somewhat intimidating price tag. However, in my honest opinion, it is 100% worth it. I feel positively blessed to have been given the opportunity to have tested out this unique, superb product. Thank you to the wonderful people over at Eroscillator for allowing me to review the Eroscillator Top Deluxe / Soft Finger Combo! It's been an experience that I will never forget.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Eroscillator in exchange for an unbiased review.

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My Buzz on Vibes said...

Awesome review! I had no idea there were THAT many attachments for it. I need to try one of these. Soon.

Epiphora said...

Yup yup yup! I also like that Seven Pearls attachment.. I always find myself coming back to the marshmallow or the G-Point, though.

Joan Price said...

I totally agree! The Eroscillator was my absolute favorite for years. The marshmallow was my attachment of choice. Using the Eroscillator between us was the only I could have an orgasm during intercourse.

Joan Price

Author of Better Than I Ever Expected: Straight Talk about Sex After Sixty and the upcoming Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex.

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