Review: Wave Wand

Isn't it just gorgeous? What is it, you ask? Why it's the Wave Wand by WHK GmbH! A classic style dildo with a little extra texture. The Wave wand is 7" in total length, 5 1/2" insertable, & 1" in diameter. One end features a large bulb, while the shaft consists of three smaller, gentle "waves". Made of Tempered glass, this toy is non-porous, hypo-allergenic, and free of both pthalates & latex. It has no taste or odor, and can be sterilized for safe use with a partner, or for switching between orifices. Yes, you heard me, you can stick this in your ass. Just make sure to use the narrower end, as the large bulb makes a sufficient handle.

So, what's it good for? Practically anything! It makes an amazing dildo, effectively hitting the g-spot with remarkable ease. If necessary, you can even angle it (somewhat akin to a joystick) to apply more pressure to your g-spot. My favorite use of the larger end is for clitoral stimulation. It's big enough to locate & stimulate your clit without too much slip-sliding around it. I have yet to test this anally, as I have a virginal ass and am frankly terrified to stick anything up there without first administering a whole lotta lube (alas, I am lube-less). But because of it's small size and easy insertion, I'd have to say this would probably be wonderful for even the tiniest booty. Oh yes, did I mention? Because the wand is made of tempered glass, it's super smooth to touch and glides gracefully into whatever bodily hole you choose to stick it. It's also very firm (duh, it's glass), and so it not only knows how to find your g-spot, but also just how to treat it. Okay, so maybe all you size-queens out there won't be satisfied, but I sure as hell am! Do you know what a relief it is to own such a simple, gorgeous, small toy? Even Sam, utterly horrified of vibrators or dildos of any stature approaching his girly bits, has tried this one out a few times. It's a perfect toy for a beginner (ergo Sam), or for those who need a little warm up before strapping on the big guns (aka me). 

But wait-- There's more! Let's heat things up a bit, or cool them down as the case may be. Let me reiterate. Tempered glass can be safely heated or cooled and will maintain its temperature! It's just that nifty. Now I'm not suggesting you toss this in the freezer or, heaven forbid, try to microwave it. Those are both big huge no-no's! Extreme temperature changes such as mentioned above will most likely crack, shatter, or otherwise damage your wand. We don't want that! It's such a luscious, lovely little toy. So, how do we get all the fun of temperature play without any danger to our delicate little friend? Less extreme methods. To heat it run it under warm water, being mindful not to burn your nether regions, obviously! To cool, you may do the same but with cold water, or leave it in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Strangely I've found I appreciate cold sensations more than hot. I can't honestly pinpoint the reason, but the feel of that cold glass softly caressing my breasts, thighs, labia.. Mm, it gives me chills just thinking about it!

After you've had your fun wash the Wave Wand with antibacterial soap and warm water, or your favorite toy cleaner. Want to sterilize this for sharing with a partner or alternate orifice? Simply  boil for 10 minutes, toss it in the dishwasher on the top shelf with no soap, or soak in a 10% bleach solution. Always check this toy for cracks or dings before each use. If it's damaged do NOT use it. This toy is compatible with oil, water, & silicone based lubes. So lubricate to your hearts content! Although it's so incredibly smooth, you practically don't need to. Store in a dry, secure place where it isn't likely to clank around.

Always a favorite, the Wave Wand is kept by my nightstand for convenience. It is probably my most frequently used toy, and with good reason. Its simple design and small size make it ideal. It's the narrowest, smoothest thing I own and I find myself reaching for it almost daily. The waves provide a wonderful sensation when thrusting that isn't distracting or painful. I love that it's textured, but not so incredibly textured as to be off-putting to the inexperienced. Amazing to use by itself, or to start things off slow and prolong your play. It's my go-to warm up toy for when I'm prepping for larger playthings. It's bath time friendly, discreet, and probably the best multi-functional tool I've yet seen. So grab your boogie board and step into your suit. No matter which way you play, you're in for a wet and wild ride!

This product was purchased by Tales from the ToiBox with no expectation of review. 

product picture
$25.99Wave wand
Glass wands by WHK GmbH
Material: Tempered glass

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