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Do you have roommates? Children? Nosy in-laws? Yup, it's as I feared. You also likely have no privacy, a hoard of poorly hidden sex toys, and too many busy bodies sticking their noses where noses never belonged. You, my dear friend, need a ToiBocks. I mean literally need it. It's detrimental to your sexual health, overall happiness and well being. No, don't even try to dissuade me. I will witness your horny frustrated sufferings no longer! Prepare to be liberated from your previously depressing lifestyle of secrecy and paranoia. So, what is a ToiBocks, you ask? Oh dear, it's worse than I thought..

Okay, let me break it down for you. The ToiBocks is a discreet, locking storage system that's no more incriminating than a jewelry box. Made of a gorgeous, smooth, cherry finished wood, it is a very classy addition to any dresser or nightstand.  Upon opening the hinged lid you are greeted by a luxurious red velvet interior. All that is immediately visible is the top tray, which can be used for jewelry, toys, or anything else you'd like to keep close at hand. I most often use this section for jewelry, as I don't want my mom, grandma, or any other guests getting a naughty surprise! It's pretty obvious that there's a compartment underneath, because of the ToiBocks' depth, as well as the seam where the inside of the box meets the outside edges of the tray. But anyone who tries to lift it and peek underneath will be met with resistance, because this little beauty has a hidden lock! I won't tell you how to open it, as that is a secret only its owners are privy to. However, I will divulge that it locks using a magnetic key which can be stored on the ToiBocks itself, or tucked away somewhere safe.

Let's talk dimensions. In total, the ToiBocks is 11" long, by 7" wide, by 6.25" tall. It's not very large, but can hold an unprecedented amount! Really, there's more room in there than you'd first suspect. The secured storage compartment underneath is 10" long, by 6" wide, by 2.5" tall. Like I said, not huge, but big enough to store quite a few things! Really, it could be used to store anything you like: toys, porn, documents, valuables, or even cash. Personally, I just use mine for sex toys and accessories. Currently my ToiBocks is occupied by the Freestyle, Noemie, Wave Wand, Mia, Ophoria K-balls, Delight click 'n' charge, Ella, & an mp3 player (to accompany the Freestyle). I could honestly fit much, much more within its confines, but I prefer to keep only my favorite, most frequently used playthings there. It's so convenient to have them right at my fingertips the moment I want or need them. If spontaneity strikes,  I don't want to go digging through boxes to find what I'm looking for. For that reason, the ToiBocks is really a great 'heat of the moment' accessory. I suppose if you're really strapped for space, and don't mind others seeing your sexy collection, you could always remove the tray and pile your toys sky high. For me though, my favorite feature is definitely the fact that it can be neatly closed and hidden away.

As far as maintenance for this item goes, I'd merely suggest using a standard wood surface cleaner, and a soft cloth. Never use abrasive objects to scrub or wipe your ToiBocks, as they will likely scratch or otherwise mar the finish. Keep all lubes, lotions, and body butters tightly contained to prevent leaks, which could stain the interior. Treat it right, and this quality built item is sure to last you for years to come.

In closing, this is a truly creative, well thought out storage system that would fit well with any decor and is very functional. The ToiBocks would make a lovely gift for a friend, relative, or even just yourself. Perfect for practically anyone, regardless of age, marital status, or living circumstance. An exquisite piece, which will eternally rest in it's rightful place, next to my bed. 

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by ToiBocks in exchange for an unbiased review.

product picture
Storage container by ToiBocks
Material: Wood

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lila said...

what a brilliant idea!

Gardenvy said...

I love these boxes, and they look as if they are well made. Very nice review!

Splendwhore said...

They are extremely well made, and it truly was a clever design. Definitely a "must-own" item.

Anonymous said...

The toibocks is the deal of the day at
I feel the universe is trying to tell me something...

Jonsbabydoll said...

This looks awesome and such, but for the price I would have a hard time buying it. For that price I would want it to fit a substantial amount more of my collection. :(

Anonymous said...

It's not for your whole collection @Jonsbabydoll it's to keep your faves on your nightstand so the kiddies can't get at them... the rest can go in a FYN case in the closet or under the bed ;)

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