AdulSexToys.com is giving away a $300 Shopping Spree!!! Okay, I honestly don't have the time to have a mild hysterical fit again so shortly after that last one. But, here we are.. 2 Shopping spree's in as many months. Is this a coincidence, or fate? Perhaps a chance at winning the toys I so justly deserved but did not receive last time.. Yes, yes that must be it! In any case, I physically could not pass up the chance to win such an amazing giveaway. So I did it, I entered.. again. You too can enter by clicking here. Assemble a list of sex toys that roughly totals $300, and publish it on your blog. But don't get your hopes up, 'cause this shopping spree is all mine! ...I hope. Please?

Mona Red - $128.15
I've never tried a G-spot vibrator that's worked, really worked, for me. I've heard amazing things about the Mona, and I'm ready to become a believer. Lelo, in general, is an amazing brand. I have the Ella and the Mia, both of which I love. I'm hoping to add the gorgeous Mona in red to my growing collection of their toys.
Nea Deep Rose - $83.60
Clitoral stimulation is  one of my favorite sexual past times. As much as I love penetration, clitoral stimulation is my apple pie. The one thing I love, and seriously can't get enough of. The Nea in deep rose seems like the perfect solution. A tiny little clit vibrator, that appears to curve to the female physique.
Being in a relationship with a FTM Trans man, we have a lot of strap on sex. And while it's great, amazing even, I know that if we could somehow connect on a more intimate level to our actions, it could be phenomenal! Here's where the Share comes in. Double ended dildos? Yes, please!
Total: $304.04

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lila said...

Ooh, I want a share too, but preferably in black! :)

Splendwhore said...

I actually think the black looks pretty sleek too, but Baby rose is the closest thing to skin color they offer, and that's what my lover & I aim for.

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