Review: Just in Case and Just in Case II

You're about to get lucky, and you find yourself without a condom. Crap! What do you do? Pass up the opportunity? Take a chance and hope for the best? In a world of clubs, dating services, and one night stands, this is all too common a scenario. Women of all ages are often caught in similar circumstances, unprepared; the idea of carrying contraception either not having crossed their minds, or being seen as too forward, or embarrassing. But the consequences for such inaction can be dire! Think STD's, unplanned pregnancies, and general chaos. Instead of leaving it up to chance, why not be the responsible one? Would you believe something as innocent as these gorgeous little compacts could carry all the contraception you need for a night on the town? It's true! Let me formally introduce the 
Just in Case, and Just in Case II. The first, last, and only compact you'll ever really need.

The Just in Case and Just in Case II are probably the most discreet condom cases I've ever had the pleasure of using. They both appear to be regular compact mirrors, which makes them great to carry on you. However, each of these unassuming little compacts hides a secret! A hidden storage compartment neatly concealed inside, perfect for condoms, birth control, single serving lubes, or anything else you could think of. How sleek! How stylish! And most importantly, how "safe"! Toss it in your purse and you're good to go! No one will be the wiser. The original Just in Case measures 2 1/2" tall by 2 1/2" wide, and 7/8" deep. It's probably a little thicker than your standard compact, but not so much to be noticeable. The compact itself actually consists of a colorful plastic insert covered in a clear plastic casing. The casing is a truly wonderful addition, as it protects your Just in Case from getting banged up, scratched, or otherwise damaged. The top of the compact features the Just in Case logo, which is a fairly abstract design that could either be construed as a heart or an open compact, made of rhinestones. It is very cute! The Just in Case II, in contrast, is a plain black compact with the white logo imprinted upon the front. It does not feature the protective casing the original does, and is more rounded in shape. At 2 6/8" tall, 2 6/8" wide, and 6/8" deep, the Just in Case II has a slightly bigger  surface size than the Just in Case, but the compartment itself is a tiny bit smaller. The only negative thing I can find to say about the Just in Case II is that the surface scratches easily. I much prefer the Just in Case, as it features that lovely protective casing which keeps your compact looking good as new!

Upon opening your Just in Case product, you'll discover a standard mirror which all compacts feature. Check your makeup, or check out that cutie sitting behind you. But don't worry, nobody will realize your sexy little secret. The mirror inside the Just in Case is the same length as the compact itself, while the mirror contained within the Just in Case II is smaller than the compact. Both are sufficiently sized, though I prefer the full length mirror of the Just in Case. The inside surface of the Just in Case products features the product name, and underneath lies that aforementioned hidden compartment for storing anything you wouldn't want seen. A small indent allows you to lift the flap to reveal the compartment underneath. When you first receive your Just in Case or Just in Case II, it comes with two complimentary condoms. I thought this was very thoughtful and really appreciated it! The type that I received are LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive Lubricated condoms. You really can't fit more than two condoms in there at a time, but this should be sufficient. As I mentioned above, it would also be sufficiently sized for storing birth control, single serving packets of lube, small batteries for your toys, stretchy cock rings, and anything else you can squeeze in there. The compartment lid closes with a resounding snap, which tells you that it is firmly and completely secured. No need to worry about condoms (or other things) tumbling out of your compact!

The Just in Case came packaged in a gorgeous red organza bag, which would make it perfect for giving as a gift (already wrapped, how nifty)! I adored the bag for the whole 5 minutes I owned it. Unfortunately my cat (whose mission in life it is to chew on and destroy everything) got ahold of this. By the time I found it, it already had a huge hole chewed out of the side, and was covered in cat saliva. I had no choice but to retire it to the trash can. What a shame. *Pouts* The Just in Case II came packaged in a cute little cardboard box, which I'm happy to say has survived both cats and humans alike.

I really love Just in Case and their products. They are all beautifully, cleverly designed with today's woman in mind. A condom case that can blend in unnoticed in your purse? Yes! Every female should own one of these! I wish I could hand them out to people on the street! I plan on giving these as gifts to my friends, as well as a few teenage relatives. I feel like this is a wonderful item for a sophisticated woman, college student, or high school girl. Safety and style are two things that transcend age, and the Just in Case promises (and delivers) both!

These products were provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Just in Case in exchange for an unbiased review.
To read more about Just in Case, and their philosophy, please click here.

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Lady said...

What a classy looking alternative to just shoving condoms in your wallet! I love it! They're very pretty! Lovely review, hon!

Splendwhore said...

I know! Aren't they just so chic? I definitely adore them. Thanks for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it. =) said...

these are so cute that I want one despite being in a fluid bonded / no condom kinda relationship - but hey you never know when youre going to need on I guess

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