Get a 25% Off Coupon & a FREE Tote Bag! What?!

Our very generous friends over at Eden Fantasys are holding a super special promotion right now! This week only, if you register an account on Eden Fantasys and message Gary telling him Splendwhore referred you, you will receive an awesome EF Tote bag, AND be eligible to request a free 25% off coupon. Isn't that one sweet deal? All you have to do is sign up to receive both a wicked discount, and a nifty bag to store all the new toys you'll likely buy. I may or may not be receiving a very sexy tote bag myself for referring you.. but that fact is irrelevant. >_> After you've registered and staked your claim on your tote, be sure to check out this discussion on how to request the coupon. Enjoy your freebies, and Happy Shopping!

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Danielle said...

Wow thats a awesome deal! I want the bag!

Splendwhore said...

Me too!!

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