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Condoms: a barrier device most commonly used during sexual intercourse to reduce the likelihood of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Condoms and I have a weird relationship... that relationship being that I've never actually used one. Now before you go all preachy on my ass, let me explain. I've had sex with exactly one person in my life. That person is my first and only love. That person also happens to be FTM Transgendered, meaning they were physically born female and are in the process of physically becoming male. Hence why I've never used a condom before. There has literally been no need! First of all, we're fully committed, and therefore fluid-bonded. Secondly, fingers cannot carry STD's (as far as I know), and all of my toys and our prosthetics are completely sterilizable. And lastly, neither of us have STD's anyways. *Shrugs* So I've seen condoms, heard of them, know of their general existence and purpose... but I've never actually used one. Which is why I find myself at a loss for why I thought reviewing condoms would be such a nifty idea. How do I review something I've never used? I'm not sure what condoms are supposed to feel like, how long they last, etc. This is practical experience I've never had to know or, for that matter, learn. For this reason, I'd ask that you bare with me and forgive any minor tidbit I might accidentally omit from this review. Alright, onto the products, and my first encounter with condoms!

RFSU is a brand based out of Sweden. They are a non profit organization working in the field of sexual information and education with experience since 1933. All of their products are silicone lubricated, made of high quality natural latex, and completely vegan!! The condoms come in a flat cardboard packaging that is rectangle in shape. It opens with a little flap, and your condoms (3 to a pack) are neatly tucked inside. Even the condom packaging was very interesting in that they are small and rectangle instead of large and square like most condoms you see. I thought this was a very cute, and unique approach that sets this brand apart from your usual condoms. RFSU offers four different varieties of vegan condoms. The first, Profil, is a lubricated, transparent and contoured condom with a tip. It is labeled as "The condom for a natural feeling". At 7.2" long, 2" wide, & 0.0024" thick, it is (what I believe to be) a fairly average sized condom. It is also pleasantly thin, and very smooth. This was probably my favorite of the four I tried, as it felt the most natural. Mamba is their snugger, somewhat smaller condom. It is lubricated, yellow, and contoured with a tip.  Roughly 6.9" long, 2" wide, & 0.0024" thick. There is no texture at all to this condom, it is completely smooth. Okeido is their longer, fuller variety of condom. Also lubricated and transparent, with a tip. Like the other three, this condom is completely smooth. It is also the largest, at about 7.5" long, 2" wide, & 0.0027" thick. Birds 'n Bees is special in that it is the only variety that is not smooth. It features these bumps and ribs which add lovely stimulation. The Birds 'n Bees are lubricated, green condoms that are contoured with a tip. 7.28" long, 2" wide, & 0.0024" thick.This was my second favorite, coming in at a close tie with the Profil's. The bumps and ribs were what really made this condom shine. They're not very large, or pronounced, just enough so to be felt. But that small amount of texture definitely makes a difference!

Overall, my first encounter with condoms was a good one. It made cleaning up my toys a snap, and added a bit of friction to the penetration, which was different, but nice.  All four varieties stood up well to my playtime activities, and I did not once experience a breakage. They truly are made of a strong, high quality latex! As a person who doesn't need to use condoms, I will probably not be doing so again. It was good to see exactly what they're all about, but unfortunately most condoms (including these) are silicone lubricated, which becomes an issue in the fact that almost all of my toys are made of silicone. You should not use silicone lube or silicone lubricated condoms on silicone toys. The same thing that keeps the silicone lube slick could turn your toys permanently tacky. However, for your average romp with a biologically inclined male, these would do excellently! And hey, they're Vegan!! Added bonus for all you animal lovers out there.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by O!Zone in exchange for an unbiased review.

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deadpoet said...

I think that I have fallen in love with these condoms. I would love to try them out someday

Anonymous said...

Wow great review, I think I need to purchase these. Always good to find vegan products whenever possible.

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