Review: Orchid G + Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot Combo

The G-spot. *Cue dramatic musical number* Nearly every woman who's heard of its existence has gone on a mecca in search of that mythical, magic part of their anatomy. And for some reason, most tend to miss it by a mile! It's been touted as a rumor, a myth, a psychological or spiritual phenomenon. Well, I'm here to tell you that it is none of those things. The G-spot exists. It is a physical, real part of your body that you don't need meditation or an experienced excavation team to locate. All you need, my friends, is a little guidance. That's exactly what you'll get from the Orchid G + Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot Combo!

First, lets talk a little bit about the book. The Smart Girl's Guide to the G-Spot is an informative and hilarious read, written by Violet Blue and published by Cleis Press. It's a slim, non-intimidating book of 129 pages. Right off the bat, the author dismisses the common belief that the g-spot is either non-existent, or unattainable. The book is very no-nonsense, and quick to outline all of the things the G-spot isn't, as well as all the silly propaganda surrounding it. Thankfully, the author manages to do this without the content becoming incredibly boring, though I'll admit, sometimes the explanations do require a re-reading or three. Surprisingly,  despite the scientific explanation of the female body, the author is friendly, educated, and relatable.  I really adored the book because the author speaks in a clear and concise manner, easily laying out all the information for your eager little brain to absorb. She clearly states exactly what the G-spot is, how it functions, what it likes, and even goes as far as to provide you a labeled diagram of the internal female anatomy. You not only have her wise words as guidance, you have a freakin' map at your disposal! How much easier could this get?! PC muscle exercises, g-spot massage instructions, ejaculation techniques, adding anal stimulation, adding oral stimulation, including S/M, and four different erotica stories  focusing on g-spot play can all be found throughout this excellent, detailed book. It is an insightful and eye-opening read, which even those already acquainted with the G-spot would benefit from.

Is that a blender in your pants? Oh, no, that just the Orchid G. My mistake! It's a common misconception really, being that the Orchid G sounds about as loud as a blender. Definitely not on my list of discreet toys, but you really can't fault it for the amount of power it's packing. Yes, it is quite powerful, and that does somewhat make up for its obnoxiously loud motor. The Orchid G is a pleasantly strong toy that could be used for external or internal stimulation. It is best used internally, however, as it was intended. From the  intensity of its vibrations, to the design of its body, this toy was crafted specifically for G-spotting. The Orchid G itself is constructed of a long, slim shaft, with a large oval bulb on the end. This bulb is angled strategically upwards, to further enhance your G-spot finding abilities. The aforementioned bulb is absolutely perfect for G-spot stimulation because of its girth and angle. At 8 1/2" long, and 1 1/2" at it's widest point, the Orchid G is a fairly standard sized toy. What makes it unique is the fact that the shaft of the toy is so thin. This allows for you to easily move the toy around inside of you, angling or pressing as hard as you desire.

The Orchid G is made of unyielding solid plastic. It is completely smooth, has no smell or taste, and is both phthalates and latex free. The hardness of this toy makes it excellent for G-spotting, given that the G-spot responds best to firm, strong stimulation. That same firmness which makes this toy awesome for G-spotting may make it uncomfortable for some during thrusting however, given that the hard toy may catch on your pubic bone. That aside, it's a safe material that serves the purpose of this toy well. To clean your Orchid G, merely wash with antibacterial soap and warm water. You could also use a toy cleaner, or toy wipes, if you so choose.

The Orchid G takes 2 AA batteries, which can be inserted by screwing off the cap on the end of the toy's shaft. Make sure it is twisted completely on before attempting to operate. The toy functions using a dial, which you twist to increase the intensity. Twist it a tiny bit to turn it on, and continue turning to find your desired level of vibration. The Orchid G's vibrations starts off at a low rumble, and climbs rapidly to an almost numbingly powerful buzz. I love the range of power it delivers, and believe it would be excellent for a wide array of users. The vibrations at their strongest feel just incredible when used internally! And hey, a rubber o-ring featured on the cap makes this toy waterproof, so you could take it for a dip in the tub for a little "me time". I certainly did, and let me tell you, it was quite an experience!

In all, the Orchid G + Smart Girls' Guide to the G-Spot Combo has been one of the most enlightening reviews I've done in a while. I learned so much about myself and my body in the process. The book was a blast to read, and one that I will often reference, and not soon let go of. The Orchid G was a great toy to assist with the explorations that this book begged me to take. I would highly recommend this set to anyone interested in discovering more about their own bodies. Whether you've had a G-spot orgasm before or not. Whether you've mastered female ejaculation, or have PC muscles of steel, you should still read this book, and use this toy in conjunction with it. That is my honest opinion.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by Babeland in exchange for an unbiased review.

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