Birthday LOOT!

Today I went to check the mail and came back to my apartment, arms completely full with packages. So.. what did I get? I'm still so excited I could jump up and down or run naked through the apartment complex (though I think I'll contain myself). Alright, I'll tell you. I received a Voila, Black Panther, Spareparts Jogue Harness, Contour M, Contour Q, Contour I, Body Heat Pina Colada, Pink Lady Super Ribbed Fleshlight, Lelo Ina in Orange, Lelo Tor in Black, Ride Em Cowgirl Sex Position Secrets, Blush XoXo Pink/Black paddle, and a pack of Trojan Regular (non-lubricated) condoms!!!!

The best thing is? I didn't spend a dime. All of these items were either sent for review, or purchased with gift cards! I love the fact that I can be so poor, and live so richly. Okay, so technically these are surprise gifts for Sam's Birthday today. But, there are a few exceptions (Ina is mine! *Hisses*). I'm so excited! I can give my sweetie birthday spankings, a massage, and any other *ahem* favors he may ask for. *Wink, wink* I'm bouncing up and down I'm just so damn giddy! I've arranged all the toys on the top of our bookshelf. I can't wait until Sam comes home!! I am, alas, too poor to buy wrapping paper, but I'm sure he'll be ecstatic nonetheless!! Ahh.. Smell that? That's that 'new toy smell'. Right after you've taken them out of the package, before you have a chance to touch, caress, and generally defile them. I love that smell! I'm sure Sam will love it too. ^_~* Happy Birthday to my sexy significant other! Crap, I just realized I have to go hide all these boxes now...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my pretty! :D There's practically nothing better than a box (or boxes it seems!) of new toys. *grins*

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

Are they all from the same store or did they all just happen to show up all together ? Looks like you will be having fun tonight :)

Splendwhore said...

They were from two different retailers. I was just lucky enough that they all showed up today! I had this dreadful feeling they were actually going to be a day late because of Memorial Day, but everything arrived while he was gone visiting his mother. =D He came home with cupcakes, and then I sprung this hoard of toys on him and we had awesome sex! Thinking about eating a cupcake and having some more spectacular sex. *nods* That sounds good!

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