Did you say... Spree?

There are two words that should never be uttered while in my presence: Shopping & Spree. Yes, you heard me right. The Fun Love Blog is giving away a $200 SHOPPING SPREE to Fascinations!!!! YES! YES!! YES!!!! Alright.. just a small outburst & we're back in the driver's seat now (in reality I've been gushing about this giveaway to Sam for days). I take it you did your fair share of screaming, moaning, crying, shitting, and dancing for joy as well? Good. Then we're on equal footing again. Let us never speak of this. Anyways, back to the giveaway. To enter, you must comprise a list of items from Fascinations that equals $200 or less. Got that? $200 and not a cent more! You don't want to go disqualifying yourself or something silly like that. Go ahead & browse through their website hunting down any and all goodies you've been eying, make your list, check it thrice, and publish on your own blog for a chance to win. One lucky winner will have their entire list shipped to them free of charge!! Okay, you may resume pissing your panties in glee. Rules & contest can be found here. My lusty list is as follows:

Lelo Bob Red - $39.99
Sam should wear a plug. That's it, I've decided. I don't care if it's anally or vaginally. It just has to happen. He's gone way too much at work, and I want some kinky little thoughts in the back of my mind to keep me company. Alas, I've found the answer. Sam needs to wear a plug. If not for my own peace of mind, then at least to stretch out his tight little holes. How else will we ever get to use the Share?
Laundry, dishes, shopping.. When did everything in my life become so damn mundane? No more I say! If Sam should wear a plug, then I should sure as shit don some Luna Balls. Sam's not the only one with tight little holes. *wink* I too am now in training for double ended strapless strap-on Olympics. C'mon, I at least have to pass the preliminaries!
Share Baby Rose - $107.99
Ah, the Share. *Contented Sigh* With all of its double ended goodness and promises of strapless penetrative sex, who the hell doesn't want this? The seductive, invitingly shaped shaft and beautiful baby pink color make me wanna scream "GIMME!", but I will temporarily refrain in an attempt to retain whatever dignity I possibly possess.
To clean my spiffy new toys.
Total: $199.96

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