Review: Waterproof Blueberry Turbo Glider

Hello class! Today I will be reviewing the Waterproof Blueberry Turbo Glider, courtesy of The Waterproof Blueberry Turbo Glider is, as its name implies, a smooth waterproof vibrator. It is suitable for internal or external stimulation, though personally, my preference is external. It can be used to stimulate the nipples, clitoris, perineum, or any other erogenous zones you or your partner might have. I would not, however, suggest that you use this toy anally, as it lacks a flared base. Better safe than sorely sorry, right? Right.

The Turbo Glider is made of non-porous, hypo-allergenic, phthalates & latex free plastic, which has no taste or smell. It is a hard, completely smooth material, devoid of texture (aside from the toy's wavy shape). The glossy surface allows this toy to, as its name suggests, glide with ease across your body. It is 7 1/4" long, 6 1/4" insertable, & 1 1/4" at its widest point. It's a great size for beginners, but more seasoned users can still enjoy this toy as well. The Turbo Glider has 3 bulges at the end of its shaft that add an interesting sensation when used internally, as well as externally. The most unique thing about this toy though, is the fact that it is completely see-through. The beautiful teal colored plastic is transparent, allowing you to witness its inner workings in action. The unintimidating appearance and material would make this a great toy for a beginner. To clean your Turbo Glider, simply wash with antibacterial soap and warm water, or you may also use your favorite toy cleaner. Wipe it down with isopropyl alcohol to disinfect. It is compatible for use with water, oil, and silicone based lubricants.

The Blueberry eats 2 AA batteries at a time, which are inserted in the base of the toy. An o-ring inside the cap makes this toy waterproof, and therefore safe for all your underwater activities. A dial on the cap controls the power level. I often accidentally turn the toy on while screwing the cap into place for this reason. The dial also makes this toy easy to use; changing intensities is as simple as twisting the nob on the cap. The Turbo Glider features only solid vibrations, ranging from a very soft rumble, all the way up to an intense, thuddy buzz. I really can't describe how awesome the sensations it delivers are. To be honest, buzzy vibes aren't my thing, but this one works. It's like, a deeper buzz. I still don't think I'm explaining it well. I was actually surprised with the power level, considering it's such an affordable toy. $16 is a small price to pay for so many orgasms. The vibrations are located near the top of the shaft, where the motor is visible. They can be felt along the entire length of the toy, but are strongest here, as well as at the tip. As I mentioned before, this toy is suitable for either internal or external stimulation, but using it externally is where it really shines. The bloops on the upper half of the shaft are just perfect for nestling against your clit. They seem to contour perfectly to fit around your body, and help achieve either pinpoint stimulation, or what I refer to as surround-stimulation, which is where you have a solid vibrating surface surrounding the pleasure princess that is the clitoris. I know most people don't get too excited over toys without all the special patterns and modes, but this, my friends, is an excellent addition to any toy box. The combination of steady, powerful vibrations and the sleek, intuitive design make the Turbo Glider a winner. Tack on the fact that it is, in fact, 100% *waterproof*, & you've got all the makings of a go-to toy. A real 'got your back whenever those other fancy vibrators fail', kinda toy. It's also an excellent choice as a first vibe, for beginners, those who have children/roommates/still live at home, or even the seasoned, independent user such as myself. A simple, powerful beauty, in an unexpected packaging.

This product was provided to Tales from the ToiBox for free by in exchange for an unbiased review. 

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